Zebra Stencil Cowhide Rug # 455

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Zebra Stencil Cowhide Rug # 455


Black & white Zebra stencil Cowhide Rug

Looking for a more exotic Brazilian cowhide rug?  This zebra stencil #455 measure's in at approximately 8' long by 5' wide (approximately 4.30 meter).

This exotic South American cowhide rug has a white fur, with a deep black stencil marking giving it that perfect zebra pattern.  


As with all of our cowhide rugs, you are buying the actual cowhide you see in this picture.  

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Cowhide Measurments

***  Measurements taken  from tip to tip.  We try to get our measurements as accurate as possible, but you may find a slight variation in the measurement

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