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How to clean a cowhide rug

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Caring for your new hair-on cowhide rug could’’t be easier. WIth a few simple steps you will likely be able to enjoy your cowhide for years to come.

How to clean a cowhide?

What if my dog pee’s on a cowhide rug?

How to clean coffee off a cowhide rug?

How to clean juice off a cowhide rug?

How to clean red wine from a cowhide rug?

Spot clean with mild soap & water

The natural oils (you won’t notice) that makeup your cowhide will resist most liquids. It does not matter if you spill coffee on your cowhide rug, or red wine. Much like when you wax your car, the liquids will tend to bead up on the surface, this makes cleanup a breeze. First wipe/brush the liquid off the surface. Then you can come back with a clean wet rag, napkin, paper towel and wipe the remaining liquids until your wash cloth comes out clean. This usually only takes a few passes. We have found that baby wipes (not at all necessary) work really well for cleaning spills off of a cowhide rug. Typically liquids will stay beaded up on top of the leather for upwards of an hour, but it’s still best to remove the spill as soon as you can. When little Billy, or Annie spills their sippy-cup on your brand new cowhide rug, just remain calm, clean up the spill, and before you know it your cowhide will be as good as new.

  • For tougher stains a mild de-greaser such as dish soap can be used. Just add a drop or two to a wet rag and wipe the stain clean.

Shake out or vacuum

There’s a few ways to go about getting rid of crumbs, dust, dirt from your cowhide rug. You can either shake your rug out, or vacuum it. If you do vacuum it use the “high carpet” setting (the setting highest from the floor) and vacuum with the direction of the hair.


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